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The Dread Lottery

Dec 27, 2018

In which your hosts tinker with the show format, and consider two movies that look at the horror of young adults getting busy, IT FOLLOWS (2014) & JENNIFER'S BODY (2009). We're probably going to tick off a few listeners with our hot take on the former, but are thrilled about the latter. This is a hot one, folks.


Dec 17, 2018

In which your hosts check out super creepy ventriloquist dummy romp DEAD SILENCE (2007) and surprisingly dark slasher-with-a-mermaid tale KILLER MERMAID (2014). We have some fun with camp both intentional and not so intentional. Quite a body count this round.

Episode music & sound design by Dread Lottery.

Dec 10, 2018

In which your hosts discuss two humans vs. mutated nature movies, THE HOST (2006) & PHASE IV (1974), with wildly different depictions of rebellious creatures. We love these movies. Lots of fun.

Theme music by Ulrike Mod. Sound design by Dread Lottery.

Episode music by Oats Gulwick.

Dec 3, 2018

In which your hosts compare the merits of big budget Spanish language THE ORPHANAGE (2010) and low-budget classic SESSION 9 (2001) and discovered that some times indeed more money, more problems.

Sound design by The Dread Lottery.

Theme & episode music by Ulrike Mod.

Nov 26, 2018

In which Red & Puffer consider the merits of a couple of popular contemporary horror movies, the supernatural charms of THE CONJURING (2013) & violent, straight-to-streaming home-under-siege indie HUSH (2016), and end up considering how much time it is worth to spend on movies about which they feel meh.

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